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  • I'd like more info about tea!
    Chardonnay x Cherry Wine hemp when used as a tea is smooth, light and treats your palate to hints of pineapple and chamomile with a slightly spicy finish. Add some milk and - if you wish - your favorite sweetener and get ready to enjoy the rest of your day! Cherry Wine hemp when used as a tea is spicy, light, and has a citrus infused pine finish. If you are looking for a bright pick-me-up in the morning, this is the tea for you! Add some milk and you are ready to start your day!
  • What is decarboxylation and why should I decarboxylate my hemp flower?
    Decarboxylation is the process of using heat to convert cannabinoids from their acid form (CBDa) to their active form (CBD). When you smoke CBD hemp flower, decarboxylation occurs naturally as you heat the hemp before inhaling it. In this case, the CBD enters the capillaries in your lungs and from there quickly enters your bloodstream and works it's magic! However, when you ingest raw, cured hemp flower that has not been decarboxylated, you are taking advantage of CBDa. While CBDa has been shown to have positive effects on its own against stress, minor pain, anxiety, swelling and more, the main reason most of us use hemp flower is to take advantage of CBD not CBDa. If smoking hemp flower is not in your comfort zone, you can easily decarboxylate it right in your own kitchen. Below are some easy instructions to help you release all the CBD goodness your hemp flower has to offer!
  • How do I decarboxylize my hemp flower?
    1. Preheat your oven to 245 degrees. 2. Grind or break up your hemp flower into very small pieces with your fingers. 3. Spread your hemp flower in a thin layer onto a cookie sheet. 4. Place the cookie sheet onto the middle rack of your oven. 5. Bake for 45 minutes and make sure you turn on your hood fan because it does smoke a bit. 6. Remove the cookie sheet from the oven and let cool. Your hemp flower will have a golden brown tint to it and will be crispy. 7. Enjoy your decarboxylated hemp as a tea, in your favorite recipes, or in your own CBD oils, edibles, and topicals!
  • Why should I ingest my hemp flower with a fat?
    If smoking hemp flower is not for you, there are many ways to ingest it and still take advantage of its benefits. Aside from decarboxylation, another consideration is how best to absorb CBD taken orally since it has to be digested instead of quickly entering your bloodstream. Studies have conclusively shown that ingesting hemp flower along with a fat significantly increases its absorption rate. This is because CBD compounds are lipophiles, meaning they are attracted to fat molecules and need them to dissolve and become bioavailable. Fats containing the dissolved CBD compounds stimulate activity in the intestinal lymphatic system which helps the CBD absorb into the body from the intestines. You can easily increase the absorption rate of your CBD hemp flower by adding a fat before you eat it. Infusing butter or coconut oil with your decarboxylated hemp flower is an excellent way to combine the goodness of CBD with a fat. Adding coconut oil, cream or milk to your hemp flower tea is also a good idea. Most edibles recipes you try will contain coconut oil or butter. Fatty meats and fish, as well as the lovely avocado are also useful in helping your body absorb as much of your CBD as possible.
  • Sativa vs Indica
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